Asbestos Trust Transparency

The present system for compensating people harmed by asbestos is broken and needs to be reformed. It is hurting injured claimants while enriching personal injury lawyers.

False Claims Act

State and federal False Claims Act (FCA) whistleblower laws were originally based on good intentions of reducing fraud by government contractors, but some have been expanded and distorted.

Health Care

Quality health care is vital to our families and communities.  Threats of frivolous lawsuits shouldn’t slow medical personnel down in emergency situations and the predatory tactics of aggressive out-of-state lawyers shouldn’t threaten the existence of Pennsylvania’s elder care in skilled nursing facitlies.

PCCJR’s Guide to Judicial Elections

Stop Venue Shopping

Venue reform for all personal injury cases in Pennsylvania would bring about greater uniformity in the law and prevent lawyers from suing in courts that give jackpot awards but have little or no connection to the cause of action.

Transparency in Private Attorney Hiring

Reforms are critically needed to make sure state officials follow ethical processes when hiring private attorneys to participate in litigation on behalf of the state.