Lawsuit abuse hurts communities and our quality of life. Frivolous lawsuits impact volunteer organizations, social service agencies, educational institutions, local governments, and other civic programs. Every time a lawsuit is filed against a city or municipality, taxpayers foot the bill. And no volunteer wants to get dragged through the mud in court after freely giving their time and talent.

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State of Play — Spring 2021

Pennsylvania voters have spoken. Voters approved all four statewide ballot questions and we now know what the Republican and Democrat fields will look like in the appellate court races this fall. Also decided were four special elections, two in the House and two in the Senate. Here is a full accounting of the unofficial election results:

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Amicus Briefs

Hangey v Husqvarna

Issue: Can a plaintiff sue a corporate defendant in a venue with which the corporation’s only relationship is an insubstantial and de minimis portion of its overall business and operations and where the venue lacks any other relationship either to the claim or to the other parties?

Status: n/a

Marion V Bryn Mawr Trust

Issue: Should Pennsylvania recognize a novel cause of action for aiding and abetting fraud when it would unnecessarily burden Pennsylvania businesses and Harm Pennsylvania Consumers?

Status: n/a

Featured Legislation

Pandemic Liability Protections — House Version

Full Bill

Pandemic Liability Protections — Senate Version

Full Bill

Joint resolution amending Article I, Section 11 of the PA Constitution-Senate Version

Full Bill

Joint resolution amending Article I, Section 11 of the PA Constitution-House Version

Full Bill