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Quality healthcare is vital to our families and communities. Frivolous lawsuits threaten the availability of healthcare through increased medical liability costs and doctors being forced to practice defensive medicine. Predatory tactics of aggressive out-of-state lawyers threaten the existence of Pennsylvania’s elder care in long-term and skilled nursing facilities. Fairness demands a balance that protects patients and the heroes who care for them.

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Governor Richard “Dick” Thornburgh Remembered

Former Pennsylvania Governor Richard “Dick” Thornburgh, referred to as a “Legal and Public Service Giant,” has passed away at the age of 88. Throughout his life and leadership he spoke passionately on the damage lawsuit abuse does to the economy and the rule of law.

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Amicus Briefs

Leadbetter vs. Keystone Anestesia Consultants

This case presents two questions. Does the Superior Court’s holding directly conflict with the Pennsylvania Peer Review Protection Act, by ordering the production of acknowledged “peer review documents” solely because they were maintained in a physician’s credentialing file? Does the Superior Court’s holding directly conflict with the Federal Healthcare Quality Improvement Act and federal regulations which protect from disclosure, responses to statutorily-required inquiries of the national practitioner data bank, by ordering the production of such documents?

Status: Briefs filed

Kirksey vs. Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, UPMC, Univ. of Pittsburgh Physicians, and Satyanarayana Gedela, MD

At issue: Must a limiting jury instruction be given when evidence of general risks and complications are admitted in a medical negligence case?

Status: Supreme Court dismissed the appeal as improvidently granted. Justice Wecht wrote a concurring statement

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Lawyers Attempting To Get Documents They Aren’t Entitled To

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Pandemic Liability Protections

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Covid-19 Liability Protection

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