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Quality healthcare is vital to our families and communities. Frivolous lawsuits threaten the availability of healthcare through increased medical liability costs and doctors being forced to practice defensive medicine. Predatory tactics of aggressive out-of-state lawyers threaten the existence of Pennsylvania’s elder care in long-term and skilled nursing facilities. Fairness demands a balance that protects patients and the heroes who care for them.

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State of Play — Spring 2021

Pennsylvania voters have spoken. Voters approved all four statewide ballot questions and we now know what the Republican and Democrat fields will look like in the appellate court races this fall. Also decided were four special elections, two in the House and two in the Senate. Here is a full accounting of the unofficial election results:

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Amicus Briefs

Bert V Turk

At issue:

Unfair competition and Puntive damage ratio calculations.

Status: n/a

Reibenstein vs. Conaboy

At issue:

1.Whether the Supreme Court should rule that “cause of death”, as it appears in MCARE’s statute of limitations (40 P.S. § 1303.513(d) (“Statute of Repose”)), refers to medical cause of death, and not “conduct leading to death” (or legal cause of death) as held by the Superior Court.

2. Whether the statute of limitations in a wrongful death or survival act claim may only be tolled under section 513(d) of MCARE (40 P.S. § 1303.513(d) (“Statute of Repose”)), where a plaintiff proves that the defendant against whom the claims are asserted (and not a third party) affirmatively misrepresented or fraudulently concealed decedent’s cause of death?

Status: Briefs filed

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Pandemic Liability Protections — House Version

Full Bill

Pandemic Liability Protections — Senate Version

Full Bill

Lawyers Attempting To Get Documents They Aren’t Entitled To

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