Businesses and individuals pay a price for frivolous and unnecessary lawsuits. In Pennsylvania the total cost of the civil tort system is $18.4 billion dollars or 2.5% of the state’s gross domestic product. That amounts to a cost of $3,721.00 per household!* Our expensive and inefficient civil litigation system impacts every employers’ ability to grow jobs and our economy.

*U.S. Chamber Institute for Litigation Reform

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State of Play — Spring 2021

Pennsylvania voters have spoken. Voters approved all four statewide ballot questions and we now know what the Republican and Democrat fields will look like in the appellate court races this fall. Also decided were four special elections, two in the House and two in the Senate. Here is a full accounting of the unofficial election results:

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Amicus Briefs

Chilutti V UBER- Decision

PCCJR Argued that the court does not have jurisdiction over an appeal from the trial court's collateral order staying the proceedings and compelling arbitration.

Status: Decided

Bert V Turk – Supreme Court Decision

PCCJR Argued that punitive damages should be calculated on a per judgement basis, as opposed to per defendent, and a punitive to compensatory ratio of 9 to 1 or higher, was unconstitutional.

Status: Decided

Featured Legislation

Pandemic Liability Protections — House Version

Full Bill

Pandemic Liability Protections — Senate Version

Full Bill

Limited Liability Protection for Agritourism

Full Bill

Joint resolution amending Article I, Section 11 of the PA Constitution-Senate Version

Full Bill