Businesses and individuals pay a price for frivolous and unnecessary lawsuits. In Pennsylvania the total cost of the civil tort system is $18.4 billion dollars or 2.5% of the state’s gross domestic product. That amounts to a cost of $3,721.00 per household!* Our expensive and inefficient civil litigation system impacts every employers’ ability to grow jobs and our economy.

*U.S. Chamber Institute for Litigation Reform

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PA House Passes Covid-19 Liability Protection Legislation

On April 6, 2021 the House passed HB 605, legislation providing temporary, targeted protection from Covid-19 liability lawsuits for those complying with government health and safety guidelines. HB 605 provides Covid-19 liability protection to healthcare practitioners and facilities, manufacturers of personal protective equipment, as well as protection from exposure claims for those following health guidelines. In addition to healthcare and businesses large and small, the bill protects schools, colleges and universities, childcare centers, and local governments.

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Amicus Briefs

Spencer vs. Johnson

The brief requests a reargument before an en banc panel of the Superior Court to overturn a decision of a Superior Court panel. The Court’s opinion in Spencer v Johnson concluded that the Fair Share Act’s provision apportioning damages based on the percentage of a defendant’s fault does not apply unless the plaintiff in the case is contributorily negligent. The court wrongly concluded that the Fair Share Act does not apply if the plaintiff has zero negligence.

Status: Briefs filed

Cover image for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Chesapeake Energy Corporation Amicus brief

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Chesapeake Energy Corporation

(1) Are claims by the commonwealth, brought on behalf of private landowners against natural gas extractors alleging that the extractors used deceptive, misleading, and unfair tactics in securing natural gas leases from landowners, cognizable under the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law? (2) May the commonwealth pursue antitrust remedies under the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law? Update: The court agreed with PCCJR's position that the UTPA and CPL does not protect sellers

Status: Opinion issued on March 24, 2021

Featured Legislation

Pandemic Liability Protections — House Version

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Pandemic Liability Protections — Senate Version

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Limited Liability Protection for Agritourism

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Joint resolution amending Article I, Section 11 of the PA Constitution-Senate Version

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