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The Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform (PCCJR) and its members are the voice of civil justice fairness in Pennsylvania. PCCJR’s leadership engages members through updates, legislative alerts, and opportunities to share their stories and help elected officials understand how lawsuit abuse and legal reforms impact healthcare, business, and communities. Our members care about legal reform and fairness in the courts and play a crucial role in supporting our efforts. Ready to find out more?


Membership Levels


Board Member

Board members establish the organization’s agenda and policies, set priorities for engagement, and represent their own organization’s goals and objectives with a vote at the table.  There are quarterly in-person board meetings and periodic conference calls that board members are encouraged to attend.

Steering Committee Member

The steering committee meets several times a year and is used as a forum to discuss issues and make recommendations on policy to the PCCJR Board of Directors. Steering Committee members are invited to participate in meetings and calls with elected officials, judicial candidates, and other appropriate forums to facilitate involvement with PCCJR policy determination and for the benefit of the Board.  Steering Committee members also receive access to reports from ATRA, ILR, PCCJR, and others in the civil justice reform field.

Corporate Member

Companies that want to support lawsuit reform and have access to the organization and its unique policy work, but do not wish to be actively engaged in the organization’s operations, may be considered for Corporate Membership.

Small Business Member

Businesses of 150 employees or less interested in lawsuit reform or having access to the organization and its unique policy work may be considered for a Small Business Membership. Small Business Members are a vital part of the grass-roots advocacy work of PCCJR.

Non-Profit Member

Trade associations and other non-profit organizations are encouraged to become members. Trade associations and non-profit members have access to the organization, further the grassroots efforts of PCCJR, and help broaden our footprint across Pennsylvania.

Individual Member

Private individuals are encouraged to apply for membership.

All memberships, regardless of level, are subject to approval of the Board of Directors.