The Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform

Feb. 1st, 2017 – Press Release – Click to view

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The Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform is a statewide, bipartisan group of organizations and individuals representing businesses, health care, public service, taxpayers and other perspectives.  The coalition is dedicated to improving the state’s civil justice system by elevating awareness of problems and advocating for legal reform in the legislature and fairness in the courts.

Addressing Problem Areas in Pennsylvania’s Civil Justice System

The Pennsylvania civil justice system is facing increasing challenges – with a lack of balance in laws, legal precedents and courtrooms – which are holding back Pennsylvania’s economy by creating a hostile environment for conducting business, providing health care and growing the job base.

There is a need for an organization that focuses exclusively on legal reform and provides a voice for those who are concerned about the problem of lawsuit abuse in Pennsylvania.  The coalition will work hand-in-hand with other advocates for civil justice fairness – to ensure our elected officials understand the extent of the problems and the importance of acting now to address them.

Pennsylvania needs a civil justice system that: is balanced and fair to all parties; applies the laws evenly based on the facts; provides access to justice for those truly injured; and discourages abusive litigation.


Executive Director – Curt Schroder

Curt Schroder is an attorney at law who spent his early years witnessing first-hand the abuses of the Philadelphia court system.  During his seventeen years in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Schroder worked to restore fairness to Pennsylvania courts.  A tireless advocate of medical malpractice reform, many of the changes to the legal system championed by Schroder resulted in stemming the flow of doctors leaving the state and allowed hospitals to resume and provide lifesaving services.  Curt Schroder was also a leader in passing the Fair Share Act which ensured that a party in a lawsuit would not have to pay out more than they were legally responsible for.

Before taking the helm at the Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform, Schroder was Regional Executive of a health care association and lobbied on behalf of health care clients for a Harrisburg based firm.

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Curt Schroder, Esq., Executive Director