News & Updates: Health Care

America Needs Jobs, Not Lawsuits – Spread the Word

Job Shield America produced this video to warn of Covid-19’s collateral crisis, — a growing wave of illegitimate pandemic-related lawsuits. These lawsuits threaten to undermine the economy and critical health care solutions. America needs health care, vaccines, and jobs – not lawsuits. Share this video to share the message!

PCCJR Backed Bill Protects from COVID Liabiity, Promotes a Smart Restart

PCCJR-supported SB 1239 has been introduced by Senator Lisa Baker (R), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. This legislation provides safe harbor against liability suits for medical practitioners and facilities, as well as for manufacturers and distributors of personal protective equipment. Pennsylvania’s small and large businesses are also shielded from suits alleging exposure to Covid-19 as they…

Holding the Line on False Claims

Late in May, we reported the introduction of H.B. 2352, a state False Claims bill that would incentivize bounty hunting plaintiffs’ and their attorneys to seek recoveries against businesses contracting with the Commonwealth. It’s a lose-lose proposition letting loose lawsuit-happy bounty hunters on a state already fraught with lawsuit abuse. PCCJR’s strong opposition has thus far prevented the False…