Coalition Updates: Health Care

PCCJR Urges Governor Wolf to Sign HB 1737

Protect Those on Front Lines of Pandemic from Needless Lawsuits   The Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform (PCCJR) urges Governor Tom Wolf to sign a much needed Covid-19 liability protection bill, HB 1737, after it passed both chambers of the General Assembly this week. “Pennsylvanians are working overtime and then some to get our state…

PA General Assembly Passes COVID Liability Protection Bill!

HB 1737 Now Goes to Governor HB 1737 has passed both chambers of the PA General Assembly and now goes to the Governor. The bill provides COVID liability protection to healthcare practitioners and facilities, manufacturers of personal protective equipment, as well as protection from exposure claims for those following health guidelines. In addition to healthcare…

Lawsuits Over Lawsuits

Even as states work to provide a temporary safe harbor for health care providers and businesses working to provide goods and services through the pandemic, there are concerns that the trial bar will challenge those protections. Particularly vulnerable are the liability protections offered by executive orders and actions, a move not previously challenged in the…

Legislature Must Make Covid-19 Safe Harbor A Priority

After a brief summer break, the House reconvenes this week week on September 1 and 2. There is plenty to do, particularly related to Covid-19 and the need to take action on safe harbor liability protection. Senator Lisa Baker (R) introduced SB 1239 in July to provide temporary relief from opportunistic lawsuits that seek to…

Pittsburgh Attorney Makes Argument for Liability Protection

Michael Feeney, Esq., PCCJR member and partner in the Pittsburgh firm Matis Baum O’Connor, wrote a compelling op-ed recently in Law360 extolling the sacrifice and service provided by our health care heroes and the need to protect them from liability during this time of crisis. Read “Health Workers Need Better COVID-19 Liability Protections” here.

Publication: Law360

America Needs Jobs, Not Lawsuits – Spread the Word

Job Shield America produced this video to warn of Covid-19’s collateral crisis, — a growing wave of illegitimate pandemic-related lawsuits. These lawsuits threaten to undermine the economy and critical health care solutions. America needs health care, vaccines, and jobs – not lawsuits. Share this video to share the message!