PCCJR Judicial Voter Guide a Key Resource for Judicial Elections

Next week, Pennsylvania voters will be faced with a crucial choice – one that will impact our state for decades to come. On the ballot this year is an open seat on the state Supreme Court as well as several other statewide judicial posts. The voter’s selection will determine the Commonwealth’s future legal landscape – will balance and fairness be brought back to the state’s highest court? Or will activist judges continue to expand liability, damages, jurisdiction, and venue? When voters head to the polls on November 7, it is critical they are informed on the candidates. To help with that effort, PCCJR has developed our 2023 PA Judicial Voter Guide.

Judicial election years are often viewed as “off elections.” The reality, however, is that judicial decisions greatly impact our daily lives. When a court misinterprets a law, and especially when it disregards the plain language of a statute in favor of a preconceived notion of what the law should be, the results can be devastating. Since the beginning of 2016, our Supreme Court has handed down numerous decisions making it more difficult for Pennsylvanians to create jobs, obtain healthcare, and provide for our families. 

The election of Justice Kevin Brobson in 2021 marked the beginning of the process to restore sensibility to the Supreme Court. That process continues this year as voters will determine who will fill a vacancy on the court. PCCJR’s voter guide includes judicial candidate questionnaire responses so you can see where each candidate stands on the issues. The guide also gives an overview of how judicial decisions impact Pennsylvania residents.

Before casting their ballot, PCCJR urges voters to review the voter guide and make an informed vote this November!

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