PCCJR Calls for Open and Transparent Review of Med Mal Venue Rule Reversal

In an opinion piece in the Legal Intelligencer, Curt Schroder, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform, advocates for a transparent review of the effects of the medical malpractice venue rule reversal on healthcare and the legal climate in Pennsylvania.

A key passage accompanying the rule change calls for a reevaluation two years post-implementation. Schroder contends that the Civil Procedural Rules Committee lacks the authority and resources for fact-finding, such as holding hearings or issuing subpoenas. Furthermore, there are no means for obtaining information from affected stakeholders like hospitals, physicians, and insurance carriers. Schroder asserts that the Supreme Court should provide guidance on required statistical evidence for a meaningful review and consider establishing a transparent forum for the assessment.

For more on the limitations of the rules committee in assessing the impact of the medical malpractice venue rule reversal, click here.

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