The Primary Election in Tomorrow!

Pennsylvania’s Primary Election is tomorrow! This year a number of statewide judicial seats will be on the ballot – including an open seat on the state Supreme Court. Your participation in the election is critical to restoring balance and fairness to the Commonwealth’s judicial system. Unfortunately, over the past five years the state Supreme Court has handed down numerous decisions expanding civil liability, which ultimately leads to higher healthcare costs and less job creation. It’s time to stop this trend and change the direction of the court!

To help voters make an informed decision before casting their ballot, PCCJR has developed a 2023 PA Judicial Voter Guide. The Voter Guide includes questionnaire responses regarding judicial philosophies from candidates seeking a statewide judicial position. It also gives an overview of issues currently before the judicial branch and how future decisions could impact the state.

By responding to our candidate questionnaire, a judicial candidate is demonstrating an awareness and concern about issues of importance to PCCJR. As for those who did not respond, we are only left to speculate on how they view the role of a judge or justice.

While often considered “off” election years, judicial elections have far-reaching impacts on the state’s business climate and overall economic health. Make your voice heard in the Primary Election by exercising your right to vote!

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