PCCJR Judicial Voter Guide Now Available

This will focus on the state’s judicial branch, with several statewide court vacancies on the ballot. The results of this year’s election will have long lasting impacts on the Commonwealth’s legal environment and economic climate. When a court misinterprets a law, and especially when it disregards the plain language of a statute in favor of a preconceived notion of what the law should be, the results can be devastating. Unfortunately, activist judges throughout the Commonwealth have been chipping away at protections for business owners and health care providers by way of decisions that expand liability in the Commonwealth, leaving them open to expensive, burdensome lawsuits. Over the past several years, the state Supreme Court has handed down numerous decisions making it more difficult for Pennsylvanians to create jobs, obtain healthcare, and provide for our families.

It’s critical that voters make their voice heard in this election cycle and change the trajectory of the state’s judicial system. To help voters make an informed decision before heading to the polls, PCCJR has created a Voter Guide that is available online. The guide includes information on important issues before the court, as well as candidate questionnaire responses for individuals seeking seats on the Superior and Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania.  

PCCJR thanks the candidates who took the time to provide responses to our questionnaire for the public’s consideration. The candidates who made the effort to respond demonstrate that they understand and care about the dangers of expanding liability by judicial fiat. We are left to speculate about the leanings of candidates who did not take the time to respond.

It’s time to bring balance and fairness back to the state’s judicial branch. Before heading to the polls, PCCJR encourages voters to familiarize themselves with where the candidates stand on the issues and support those that will help to right-size Pennsylvania’s legal system!

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