Open Commonwealth Court Seat Goes to Recount

The results of the 2021 General Election have yet to be finalized after a recount was triggered for one of the two open Commonwealth Court seats that appeared on the ballot. The race between sitting Republican Commonwealth Court Judge Drew Crompton and Democratic Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge Lori Dumas hinges on a margin of 0.4 percent. In the Commonwealth, a margin of 0.5 percent or less between candidates automatically triggers a recount.    

As noted in PCCJR’s last update, in the immediate aftermath of the election, Crompton seemed poised to win the seat. However, after mail-in ballots were counted, his initial lead was overtaken by Dumas. Unofficial election results show that the two are currently separated by 20,000 plus votes. 

As we reported in the last Update, Kevin Brobson appears to have secured the state Supreme Court seat, Megan Sullivan the Superior Court seat and Stacy Wallace has secured one of two seats on the Commonwealth Courts. 

The Pennsylvania Department of State has directed all 67 counties to complete the recount by noon on Nov. 23 and to submit the results to the department by the following day. 

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