Voters Can Bring Balance to PA’s Supreme Court on November 2

The 2021 General Election is just a few days away. This year, Pennsylvania voters will have an opportunity to bring some much needed balance to the state Supreme Court. Unfortunately, over the past five years, the Commonwealth’s highest court has handed down numerous decisions that have had a negative impact on jobs, healthcare access, and Pennsylvania’s overall economy. The time to chart a new direction starts now.  

The November 2 election features an open Supreme Court seat. To help voters make an informed decision, PCCJR developed a Judicial Election Guide, which includes questionnaire responses regarding judicial philosophies from candidates for the Supreme, Superior, and Commonwealth Courts. 

Judge Kevin Brobson is the only one of the two candidates for Supreme Court who responded to our candidate questionnaire. His responses demonstrate that he understands and appreciates the need for balance in our courts to allow healthcare, job creation, and your families to flourish.  

PCCJR Executive Director Curt Schroder takes a deeper look at the importance of this year’s election in an opinion piece published by You can read the full piece here

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