Call or E-mail Senators and Tell Them to Pass Liability Protection Legislation!
Please act today! Time is running out to pass needed liability protection.

HB 605, passed several months ago by the House, is hanging by a thread in the Senate. PCCJR was informed that the Senate Judiciary Committee would vote HB 605 last week. Plans to move the bill have been postponed.

HB 605 provides targeted, temporary protection from lawsuits for our healthcare heroes and those manufacturing much needed personal protective equipment. It also protects shops, restaurants, plants, offices, and non-profits from frivolous lawsuits alleging exposure to COVID-19.

Some are arguing that the bill is unconstitutional due to an obscure provision of the PA Constitution called the Remedies Clause. HB 605 does not violate the Remedies Clause because it does not eliminate a right or a cause of action.

Please contact Senate Leadership and the Senate Judiciary Committee immediately. Tell them that it is just as important as ever to pass the covid liability protection needed to protect our health care providers and allow for Pennsylvania’s economic recovery.

Please send to the following Email addresses:

Senator Jake Corman: jcorman@pasen.gov; kcallahan@pasen.gov
Senator Kim Ward: kward@pasen.gov; rritson@pasen.gov
Senator John Gordner: jfunk@pasen.gov; mstephens@pasen.gov
Senator Pat Browne: ekern@pasen.gov
Senator Lisa Baker: lbaker@pasen.gov; mcortez@pasen.gov

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