PCCJR Applauds House Passage of Covid-19 Liability Protection Legislation

Covid-19 Safe Harbor Legislation Will Help PA’s Economic Recovery

HARRISBURG, PA — The Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform (PCCJR) applauds the House passage of HB 605, legislation providing temporary, targeted protection from Covid-19 liability lawsuits for those complying with government health and safety guidelines.

“While Pennsylvanians are working overtime and then some to get our state through the Covid-19 crisis, the least we can do is put into place the safe harbor protections our heroes deserve,” said PCCJR Executive Director Curt Schroder.

HB 605 provides Covid-19 liability protection to healthcare practitioners and facilities, manufacturers of personal protective equipment, as well as protection from exposure claims for those following health guidelines. In addition to healthcare and businesses large and small, the bill protects schools, colleges and universities, childcare centers, and local governments.

Schroder also noted that a coalition as large and diverse as Pennsylvania has ever seen has come together to support HB 605. This effort has at least 64 supporters ranging from YMCA’s, the United Way, education organizations, restaurants, and childcare organizations.

PCCJR thanked the House members who supported liability protection.

“This is much-needed temporary relief from opportunistic lawsuits that seek to take advantage of the Covid-19 emergency,” said Schroder. “I want to thank the House for recognizing the urgency and need for this legislation.”

HB 605 does not provide blanket immunity as some cynically suggest. Bad actors will still be held accountable. The liability protections provided by the bill are targeted, narrow in scope and temporary.

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The Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform is a 501(c )(6), not-for-profit, nonpartisan advocacy organization comprised of a diverse group of organizations and individuals committed to bringing fairness to Pennsylvania’s courts by raising awareness of civil justice issues and advocating for legal reform.

Contact: Curt Schroder, PCCJR Executive Director, 610.389.4293 or curt@pccjr.org

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