This Just In: False Claims Bill Introduced in PA House

Just slipping in under the wire for today’s publication, the unexpected and unwelcome introduction of a False Claims Act in the House. As if hospitals and nursing homes do not already have their plates full protecting us from the COVID-19 pandemic, now they could face more lawsuits under H.B. 2352. And that will be on top of the avalanche of lawsuits to come if the legislature does not provide meaningful liability protection to health care and all businesses responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will soon know if the legislature would rather have pharmaceutical companies develop a COVID-19 vaccine or divert their time and resources to defending endless lawsuits. Expect PCCJR to reach out to you to contact legislators in the weeks to come. We need to remind them that fighting the pandemic and successfully opening businesses without fear of lawsuits must be the priority over lining the trial bar’s pockets.

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