Still Waiting for Safe Harbor for COVID-19 Heroes

We may not know the full scope or impact of the COVID-19 pandemic yet, but what we do know is that the consequences of the decisions, deployed resources, and plans to save lives will be with us for years to come. Health care practitioners and businesses working to meet increased demand for Personal Protective Equipment have their backs against the wall and have never faced such daunting and dangerous conditions.
Pennsylvania continues to resist taking action to protect the COVID-19 heroes in our health institutions and on the manufacturing floors. The lack of movement is surprising, as we know plaintiffs’ attorneys are preparing a surge in lawsuitsand we’ve already seen moves made by the plaintiffs’ bar seeking clients so they can cash in on the pandemic. PCCJRand its members continue to work with the Governor’s office and members of the House and Senate to enact safe harbor legislation, similar to laws passed and executive orders made in a growing number of states. Pennsylvanians struggling to serve the public’s needs during this crisis should not have to answer to second guessing plaintiffs’ attorneys, most of whom have never treated and cured an illness or made a product of public value.

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