PCCJR Update — April 20, 2020

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“Billboard Lawyers” Put Fees Over Protecting Public from Pandemic

Pennsylvania’s “Billboard Lawyers” admitted to working to defeat needed liability protections for health care providers and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) makers, derailing efforts to put in place protections other states are implementing through their legislatures. When cornered by a reporter, Pennsylvania’s trial lawyers admitted they buried a proposal to provide limited liability protections to Pennsylvanians fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

PCCJR is calling on the legislature to enact meaningful liability protections, so those on the front lines of this pandemic don’t have to look over their shoulder and see a lawyer waiting to make a buck off the suffering occurring during this national health crisis.

Liability protections were recently enacted in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi and Wisconsin. Liability protection legislation is moving in other states as well.

“This is an egregious case of lawyer greed triumphing over the need to protect our health care heroes as they risk their own lives to save others. Many other states have recognized that those working to defeat COVID-19 should not have to worry if decisions made in the midst of a pandemic will get them sued later on. Pennsylvanians deserve no less protection.” — Curt Schroder, Executive Director of PCCJR speaking to the trial bar’s attempt to derail efforts to provide limited liability protections to those fighting the COVID-10 pandemic.

PCCJR members are currently asking the Governor to provide liability protection through an executive order and legislation should be introduced soon the PA Senate.

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More Good Works in COVID-19 Response

Pfizer expects to start human trials on a potential coronavirus drug by early fall, three months sooner than the original timeline researchers thought possible. The company has mobilized research and made data available on several fronts to help in finding solutions to the pandemic.

A vaccine for COVID-19 could be available for emergency use by early next year according to Johnson & Johnson. The company says it has developed a candidate vaccine and will begin testing it in humans in September.

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In the News….

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