PCCJR Members Take on the Coronavirus Challenge

At UPMC, researchers are reporting progress on potential COVID-19 vaccine that has shown early promise in tests on mice. Another group of UPMC researches say they are close to completing a blood test to determine immunity against the virus.

Companies like Shell have helped keep the supply lines flowing for soaps and hand sanitizer and Merck is working with several life sciences companies through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate the development, manufacture, and delivery of vaccines, diagnostics, and treatments for COVID-19.

Other PCCJR members are hard at work to meet the needs of the public during this COVID-19 pandemic. PCCJR will feature these efforts from time to time.

Check out PCCJR’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for other amazing work that is being done by Pennsylvania companies and PCCJR members to battle COVID-19.

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