PA Supreme Court Delays Decision on Venue Change Until After Report

The Pennsylvania Supreme court announced this afternoon that it will delay taking any action on the proposed medical malpractice venue rule change until after the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (LBFC) completes the impact study commissioned in Senate Resolution 20.

PCCJR reported that SR 20 passed the Senate by a bipartisan vote of 31-18. The resolution asked the Supreme Court to take no action until the impact of the venue change proposal could be studied by the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee. The LBFC has until January 1, 2020 to complete its report.

This news reflects a more deliberate and thoughtful approach to this issue, one that might not have occurred without the intense media and legislative scrutiny this issue has received. The PCCJR has brought together a coalition of its members and other partner organizations and companies to oppose a return to broad venue rules for medical malpractice cases. The rules in effect prior to 2003 helped fuel high medical liability premiums due to skyrocketing awards in high verdict courts such as Philadelphia.

This positive development DOES NOT negate the need to submit your comment letters by February 22. It is important that the Civil Procedural Rules Committee understands the high level of opposition to this proposal and the harm that will befall our access to health care should it be enacted.

Comment letters to the Civil Procedural Rules Committee can be submitted here by February 22.


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