PCCJR Update – November 12, 2018

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Election Wrap Up

Pennsylvanians voted to keep Governor Tom Wolf another four years as part of a mid-term election day that saw Democrats make gains in both the state House and state Senate, but not enough to claim the majority. Those smaller majorities will have an impact on issues like civil justice.

The smaller majority may mean there is more of an appetite to compromise in the new session. Next week both houses will hold leadership elections, with committee chair and committee assignments soon to follow.

PCCJR will be keeping a close eye on those dynamics through the lens of civil justice reform and the importance of fair and balanced courts.

Guest Opinion: Let’s Keep Fairness in our Courts

The Intelligencer, November 2, 2018
By Curt Schroder

The role of Lady Justice is an enduring symbol in American law. She proudly represents fairness and balance in our civil justice system. These ideals are held high among governors and state leadership alike, crucial for leading a sound state government that stands for its people.

Our courts should represent fairness and transparency, but somehow the true meaning has slipped through the cracks. Lawsuits have been clogging our courts with instances where fictitious harm occurred. Slowly, Lady Justice has been tarnished by the rust of frivolous litigation.

In Pennsylvania, we point with pride to the diverse talent across our state. We are home to some of the top universities, health care systems and manufacturers in the country. Our state’s trajectory aims to grow, but is stopped by a looming shield — lawsuit abuse.

Put simply, lawsuit abuse occurs when lawyers and plaintiffs issue meaningless claims against large companies and small shops, with the intention for a large payout. Although these cases might seem innocent at first, they have detrimental effects on our economy and even families. Lawsuit abuse impacts everyday lives. The jobs we count on, the ability to create jobs, access to the health care we receive, and the overall health of our communities are all impacted by what happens in our courtrooms. Read more.

In the News

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