PCCJR Reacts to Gov. Wolf’s Veto of SB 936

Statement of Curt Schroder, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Coalition for Civil Justice Reform, on Governor’s veto of SB 936:

“As a result of Governor’s Wolf’s veto of SB 936, expect to see plaintiffs’ law firms opening pharmacies across Pennsylvania as they try to cash in on billing injured workers for prescriptions, in addition to taking a third of their recovery.

The Governor’s proposed “executive action“ does not eliminate the scam involving compounded pain creams.  The Governor proposes that compounded creams be billed at the ingredient level as opposed to allowing the current practice of charging thousands of dollars to continue.  Yet in the same breath he states these compounds “ are of unknown safety and efficacy” and that there are lingering questions about the appropriateness of opioid compounds!  It appears all the Governor intends to do is possibly lower the cost of these compounds while offering no protection to injured workers from the quacks perpetuating this scam.

Governor Wolf’s plan to take “executive action” to address opioid prescriptions for injured workers, is simply cover for his veto of SB 936.  Although we have seen no Executive Order, nor have we seen specifics of what the Governor has in mind, it is clear the Governor had no plans to protect injured workers from opioid abuse until the legislature sent SB 936 to his desk and forced his hand.  Let’s not forget, “executive actions” do not carry the force of law and can be overturned by this Governor or any successor.”

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