‘Talk about an unholy alliance’

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017| via Philly.com

by William Bender

Pond Lehocky is the biggest player in town for workers’ compensation cases, targeting employees who get hurt on the job with TV ads and billboards that seem to loom on every stretch of Philadelphia’s highways.

“There are many law firms in Pennsylvania,” goes one of the firm’s TV spots, “but no one works harder for you — no one. They’ll do more to get more for you.”

Pond Lehocky’s top lawyers have also been doing more to get more for themselves, according to an Inquirer and Daily News investigation.

Three partners at the firm and its chief financial officer are majority owners of a mail-order pharmacy in the Philadelphia suburbs that has teamed up with a secretive network of doctors that prescribes unproven and exorbitantly priced pain creams to injured workers — some creams costing more than $4,000 per tube.

Pond Lehocky sends clients to preferred doctors and asks them to send those new patients to the law firm’s pharmacy, Workers First. The pharmacy then charges employers or their insurance companies for the workers’ pain medicine, sometimes at sky-high prices, records show.  Read more.

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