To Boost Tax Revenues, Improve the Business Climate

PA Manufacturers Association cites asbestos litigation reform (H.B. 238) as a positive reform that would make Pennsylvania more competitive and could help attract business investment.

HB 238, sponsored by Warren Kampf (R-Chester), would loosen the grip a few privileged lawyers have on a compensation system established for workers exposed to asbestos fibers. The gaming of the asbestos trust system by plaintiffs’ lawyers not only cuts into the funds available for other injured workers but ruins jobs, and, in some cases, entire businesses. Ruined businesses bring in no revenue for the commonwealth.

“Pennsylvanians should demand an explanation from those who refuse to support HB 238 as to how they justify allowing attorneys to deny asbestos exposure in a court case and then file bankruptcy trust claims against the same companies they denied, under oath in court, that their clients were exposed to,” he (PCCJR Executive Director Curt Schroder) said, describing a practice known as suborning perjury. “Essential to the litigation of a personal injury action is the right of all parties to have access to, and knowledge of, all facts relevant to a dispute. When only a portion of the evidence is available, the fact-finding process is distorted.

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